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*double the outerwear, double the fun*

double outerwear, cape, coat, medievel, faux fur, norwegian hearts

i was watching gladiator last night…or rather it was on TV while i was flitting about the house, doing stuff.  anywho…this image of maximus & lucilla really enraptured me.  so regal.  so stately.  so warm!   it reminded me of how jon snow in game of thrones looks with all his night’s watch layers as well.  fur would be a bit *much* for daily outerwear, so instead i threw this old cape on as an extra layer of warmth over my coat today to somewhat replicate the looks.  me likey a lot!  not only was i roasty toasty, but i felt i had a bit of that medieval swagger ^_^  hahaha!

wearing: norwegian hearts cape (via ebay) || arden b black faux fur collar corduroy coat (old) || aldo outlet knee high boots


*a night out on the towne*

i’m still reminiscing over photos of my very good friends during their epic visit to boston last week :)  after a harried start to the weekend with their long flight delay & then his graduation, *finally* it was time to hit the city streets for plenty of food & FUN! 

we went to have dinner & a night out on the towne (as in towne stove & spirits) ^_^   it was an evening filled with champagne, red wine & towne’s specialty, LOBSTER POPOVERS!  yum!!!  if you recall, this is my beautiful friend from portland who graced my blog back on new year’s eve :)  i hardly ever wear black when going out at night, so i was pleasantly surprised when we both stepped out of our respective bedrooms & were dressed dramatically similar!  her husband couldn’t resist taking these pictures as he thought we looked like superheroes walking down the street.  too funny!  not that i minded, at all.  i mean, when have i ever “minded” being called a superhero?  hahaha!

wearing: romwe black cape dress || marc jacobs x NM x target metallic clutch || dolce vita pency beaded heels (via gilt city sale)

photos courtesy of hiep dang, internet security guru, new MBA grad & photography aficionado ^_^


*mustard & grey in harvard square*

a few weeks ago, i had the TV on, not really watching it, but then a marathon of one of my favorite seasons of project runway started…season 3…with uli herzner.  one of the pieces of her final collection that caught my eye years ago when it originally aired reminded me again how much i loved that combination of colors & how glittery & sexy it was.  i immediately set about looking to buy items to simulate the look.  silly me!  i had essentially all the elements *already* in my closet.  my tones ended up being darker though…more a gunmetal (than glittery silver) grey & more mustard (than camel), but i liked the result.  i’ll still try to find the exact colors to recreate her outfit more accurately…cos i’m anal retentive like that :)

by the way, i was not impressed with the first season of project runway all stars, but since uli is on the second season, i’ll DEFINITELY be watching with more interest.  i just love her designs!

wearing: vintage cape || h&m metallic sweater || cache leather skirt (ebay) || vintage tassel necklace || lela rose for payless ankle strap pumps 


*the dark knight rises*

i am married to a comic book geek.  hence, purely by osmosis, that makes *me* a comic book geek.  yup, i know more about x-men characters & hellboy stories (which are amazing & have an eerie, soul-invading creepiness that will never be conveyed in the movies) than you would ever think by looking at me.  so OF COURSE, we went to see the dark knight rises on its opening day.  

i’ve had this caped blouse for months…languishing in the closet, waiting for juuuuuust the right moment to be worn.  hmmmm…i would say going to see a movie about the *caped crusader* is more than appropriate, wouldn’t you say?  hahaha!  no spoilers here…but i did like the third batman movie A LOT.  not a lot of loose ends that were left untied, didn’t-see-it-coming plot twists & of course plenty of action & fighting.  my favorite!!!  also for the record…i was not the only girl at the theater wearing a cape.  mine was more fashion…hers was straight out the costume aisle at the kid’s department ^_^

wearing:  blue caped blouse (platinum mall, bangkok) || black skinny jeans (c/o kmart) || the glamourai dharma neck plate || glass & wooden buddha bracelets (various locations) || T by alexander wang velvet/cotton bralette || jessica simpson black dany platforms


*sandy pink & ocean blue*

wearing:  river island cape dress (via asos) || aldo silver chrome heels || white bead bracelet (baclaran market, manila) || ice.com rings

keeping it short & sweet as i’m still here in florida & having an awesome vaykay with my family!  also, continuing to recover from the wonderful time i had at my younger brother’s wedding.  unfortunately, it was rainy weather the day of the ceremony which was to take place on the beach, but the indoor event was nevertheless lovely & we were all still so very happy & had tons o’ fun :)

the resort they picked to have their reception at was gloriously ocean themed & i loved the decor that had everything from smooth stones to bubble fountains to sparkling shells…all in the muted blues of the ocean & sandy beiges of the beach.  glad i wore the appropriate dress to match the occasion ^_^


*hearts & flowers*

who doesn’t love a cute knit cape?  this is an outfit that i don’t mind repeating again & again.  i’ve never worn it with the whole socks/shoes dealie before though.  these big polka dots socks resonate with the teenier pink polka dots on the dress & since i’ve done the bigger print matching similar smaller print before, i went for it :)

wearing: jovovich-hawk x target dress || norwegian hearts cape (ebay) || target nude lacy tights || target socks || JC x LF ‘egypt’ wedges


*norwegian hearts cape*

funny…it seems i can’t go to NYC without packing some type of cape. this particular weekend, the weather called for fairly warm (50s) weather, so i decided against a heavy winter coat which i was glad. this cute little cape was plenty warm with the layers i had underneath :)

our last afternoon in NYC was kind of a lazy day. spent a good part of the morning getting cupcakes & walking the dog around so that he would be nice & TIRED for the drive home. then we went to eataly for lunch. it seems to be my favorite go-to place lately, although it was crazy busy (what’d i expect?) and the seafood restaurant was the only dining area that didn’t have a 45-minute wait. luckily seafood is MDH’s favorite food. i ended up ordering their raw tasting item & the raw fish special. funny…for 6 pieces of raw fish, i think i (meaning MDH) paid waaaay more for “italian” sashimi than japanese sashimi…hahaha! it was all tasty though…more ceviche style, drizzled in olive oil.

after loading up on foodstuffs at eataly for the drive home (focaccia, sparkling water, candy, etc.), we picked up a friend who happened to be in the city & wanted a ride, got some soup (i get hungry on even the shortest of car rides…teeheehee) & made our merry way back to new england!


when i won this cape off ebay, i *swore* it had a hood on it. wishful thinking. there go all my clever posts showcasing miss “little red riding hood cape.” ah well. my JC platforms, a super warm red cape & a basketful of my son my little peenut…what more do i need on yet another snowy, wintry day?

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