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*hello monday*

hello kitty cardigan, black dress, black sneakers

starting the week off with all things familiar & comfortable for me…hello kitty, some zombie cameo action plus trusty ol’ sneaker wedges.  you know, just to ease into it, ya dig?

wearing; F21 x hello kitty bow & face cardigan || target black dress || skeleton cameo pendant (via ebay) || steve madden sneaker wedges

hello kitty, zombie cameo, skeleton cameo pendant


*thigh high pirate boots*

looks like i’m extending my thigh high boots moment…hahaha! those type of boots are tough to rock during the daytime due to their *ahem* salacious reputation.  i love high boots for cold weather though.  how else can i still wear flouncy dresses but keep my legs warm when tights just won’t do?  what tones these bad boys down though is the fact they have wedge heels instead of sky high stiletto ones & the weird straps of leather wound all the way around…kind of like pirate boots.  so, i feel more plankwalker than streetwalker & more appropriate for daytime ^_^

thigh high comfortable boots, another skeletal cameo pendant?  if the mayan apocalypse is really upon us, bring it on…i’m ready ^_^

wearing: swapped jacket || canal st NYC store dress || grey zombie cameo pendant (philly comic con vendor) || JC thigh high leather boots


*a new twist on the old cameo*

i’ve been obsessed with zombies since 2004…i even know the precise moment the terror set in.  lately however, everyone else seems to be getting in on the zombie act…just look at the popular walking dead TV series to even literature with pride & prejudice & zombies.  so, naturally, fashion would be next, right?  well then…lookee what sale i found going on right now (but not for much longer) on fab.com!  aren’t they fabulous?  creepily…eerily…hauntingly fabulous?  i’m not one of these goth type girls who would normally wear such things, but i love wearing skulls & crosses already, so why not?  who could resist a classic (or not so classic) cameo in pretty pink?  plus, i’ll wear it over my heart as a constant reminder (like i need to be reminded) to be vigilant…against the coming zombie apocalypse, must.always.be.vigilant!

all photos above via fab.com

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