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*wedding in northern california*

so our portland trip with our friends was absolutely wonderful, but now on to the reason that we find ourselves on the west coast in the first place…the wedding of one of my best friends in the whole wide world and long-time kung fu brother! when i envisioned my outfit for his wedding, i didn’t think i was going to look *this* retro, espesh with the beehive & sunglasses, but hey, it all works :) i had wanted to wear this dress last summer to another wedding, but it turned out to be a sweltering 90+ degree day & with this heavy brocade fabric…it hadn’t seen the light of day…until now ^_^

in fact, quite the opposite for this wedding. it was too hot to wear for the one i intended & for this day, the weather was pretty darn cold in northern california. i thought the thicker brocade would keep me plenty warm enough. boy, was i wrong! glad i brought along my haori which with the gold threads woven in, was plenty dressy enough to go along with my outfit. otherwise, the only other outerwear option i had was my jean jacket. not good! 

on a funny note, i had waited until the last minute to redo my nails. in a panic of not being able to decide which color i wanted, i did both! instead of doing the multiple colors on one hand, i did instead one color for each hand & to this day, no one has even noticed that they are different! 

finally, it was an absolutely gorgeous ceremony…outdoor in the warm(ish) sunshine, set in a gazebo overlooking a spectacular rose garden. then, the dinner was 100% ukranian…all kinds of delicious smoked fish, pickled veggies, wrapped meat & seafood. it was like a 20-course meal! plus, the drinks…OH the drinks! when you go to a wedding & there are not only the wine glasses, but also full bottles of vodka & shot glasses on the table, you’re at a ukranian wedding all right! luckily, i’ve known my friend 15 years & he has trained me extensively, not just in kung fu, but in the ukranian ways as well…which includes vodka shooting! no asian glow for me! can’t say the same for *some* party goers…hahaha!

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