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*all dressed up & stuck at home*

ok…there i was…done working for the week, pretty much wore this maxi skirt all day but decided to switch up my top (to be cooler in this grossly muggy weather) & then also threw on this cabochon neckplate from the philippines (the twin to this one). so, was feeling mighty fine…like all kinda sexy boho chic & all. ready to run outside & take some outfit photos. then BABOOM! yup, that instantaneous crazy thundering & lightning-ing monsoon that we’re seeming to have a lot more lately. jeez…guess i’m staying indoors. it’s like i’m living in florida again :(

ah well…i felt like dressing up since i’ve been living on cloud 9 the past couple days. i have some *GREAT* news to share, but i’m waiting for confirmation on certain things before i spill all the gory details. 

speaking of gory details, *no* i didn’t mean to match my toenail polish (on my weirdly squished toes) to my necklace. it just sorta happened ^_^

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