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kimchi blue dress, floral stripes dress, grey, teal, burgundy, patent leather, mary jane heels

i like a classic silhouette sometimes when i dress for the day…but always with a twist.  this ladylike look seems very proper, very 50s housewife with the full skirt dress & cardigan, don’cha think?  you know me though.  gotta “edge” it up just a little bit *wink*wink*

kimchi blue dress, floral stripes dress, grey, teal, burgundy, patent leather, mary jane heels

hence, the unconventional teal, grey, burgundy & hot pink color & pattern combination to this dress…the sweet, yet studded cardigan…the classic mary jane heels in patent leather burgundy…and finally, *of course* my very traditional cameo pendant…of a lady’s skull.  hahaha!

kimchi blue dress, floral stripes dress, grey, teal, burgundy, patent leather, mary jane heels

wearing: thrifted kimchi blue dress || swapped koan short-sleeved cardigan || skeleton cameo pendant (via ebay) || thrifted bracelet || kenneth cole reaction heels (via marshalls #fabfound gift card)

kimchi blue dress, floral stripes dress, grey, teal, burgundy, patent leather, mary jane heels


*green, gold, oxblood & fur*

wearing: vintage oscar by OdlR oxblood blazer || h&m green skater dress || express fur collar (old) || lori’s shoes capsule collection bamma

i felt my life has been such a whirlwind as of late.  this weekend in particular which i will detail in my next post.  for now, i just want to finally post the *wonderful* pictures that smita took of me during an impromptu shoot on the MFA steps after we previewed the mario testino: in your face & british royal portraits exhibits.

since it was such a fun & fashiony event, i brought out this old fur collar that i’ve had for years.  i fashioned it more into a necklace type of accessory instead of actually attaching it to my coats or jackets.  that way, even when i take off my outer layer, i still have the fur around my neck to keep it warm :)

accessories: vintage tassel gold necklace || thrifted avon red jeweled pendant necklace || melody ehsani armor-dillo ring || F21 spiked ring

i’ve also been taking advantage of the fall weather & really indulging in rich, baroque type jewelry…plenty of gold & ruby red jewel tones.  even my jacket has a slight metallic sheen to the burgundy fabric.

as i said in my previous post, it really was a fun day & i don’t usually get to spend so much time all at once with my blogger friends at a day time event.  plus, smita is my most favorite boston area photographer…both on a personal & professional level.  having her make me look this good again was an extra special time :)


*black & shades of oxblood*

this outfit photo was taken way before all the boston fashion week stuff started & then i had more interesting things to write about than just my daily shoe selection…hahaha!  as someone who loves bright color, i knew it was officially *officially* cold weather season when i voluntarily pull out a black cardigan to wear with darker shades of burgundy/plum/oxblood…whatever you want to call the new “it” color :)  i really don’t mind though.  gotta embrace the dark side, now & again ^_^

wearing:  swapped j. crew cardigan || c/o karen kane dress || c|a|m horsehair bracelet (via fab) || express beaded bracelets || nine west heels


*sweater dressing*

if you live up here in the northeast, i don’t need to tell you how *bizarre* this winter has been.  truly, the oddest one we have had. whoever heard of a snowless boston winter?  especially compared to the monstrous dumping we got last year.  not just the lack of snow, but the fact that almost every day this year has averaged in the high 30s to low 40s.  i’m not complaining *trust me*.  every time i don’t have to shovel my uphill 150 foot long driveway, i’m grateful!  i just feel bad for the polar bears.  global warming…it’s getting freaky now.

i mean, geez, i never even had to pull my heavy sweater bins up from the basement.  i’ve been getting by on t-shirts & blazers.  even wearing this sweater dress (which mind you, only has cap sleeves), i was kind of working up a sweat walking around in the bright sun out there.    

speaking of bright…eeekkk, i’m really loving how coppery caramel my hair turned out, but i still forget, look in the mirror & then wig out over how light my hair is again.  almost like i don’t recognize myself.  oh well, it’s just like the temperature outside, not complaining, but still getting used to it o.O

wearing: swapped blazer || sweater dress & belt c/o kmart || UO leather cuff || DIY skull/cross earrings || isabel toledo for payless booties


didn’t know which i was more EXCITED about! my vintage burgundy coat that i forgot how well it fits me & keeps me so warm on a blistering cold night like tonight OR that i managed to catch the grand opening of the roxy’s grilled cheese truck before it completely shut down. granted, they were out of hot & tasty grilled cheese sandwiches by the time i got there, but i did get a dessert sammich…nutella cheesecake melted between 2 slices of grilled pound cake.  i was excited for both…so i call that BI-WINNING!


i have a great friend who does my nails. i usually never ask for anything fancier than a plain ol’ manicure, but when i saw the nails from the jason wu fall 2011 show, i wanted to recreate it. of course, i should have photographed it *before* i spent 7 hours chinese lion dancing yesterday & tearing up my nails from shredding oranges & lettuce while holding the lion & getting pelted with firecrackers. i’m a dum-dum.

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