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*fall floral print mixing*

print mixing, black, brown, floral, fall colors, fall floral, thigh high boots, suede boots, jeffrey campbell boots, forever 21 skirt

anyone still watch project runway?  i was so excited when dom streater won this past season for her strong print design skills…if it isn’t obvious by now that i’m a huge fan of mixed prints :)  this particular look really enraptured me…the transition of a color print into black/grey/white while maintaining the same design.  genius!

print mixing, black brown floral, floral print, mixed prints, fall fashion, leaf print

this is my attempt at kind of duplicating that look.  not quite the same & not *that* much color either, but i still love the overall effect :)  to use famous tim gunn speak, i made it work!

wearing: thrifted talbots black/white sweater || F21 brown floral skirt || jeffrey campbell black suede thigh high boots

jeffrey campbell boots, thigh high boots, suede boots, black boots


*the colors of dead trees*

quite an appropriate outfit for the frigid dead of winter…wearing only black, brown, white & a skirt that looks like it’s made of dead leaves.  no matter how low into the single digits the temperatures dip however, as long as i have leggings & knee high boots, i’ll still continue to wear my shortest skirts…no matter what :)  i wish this cold snap would hurry up & be over though.  as a self-professed shoe gal, as much as i love these boots, i don’t want to wear them every day!

wearing: DKNY black turtleneck with tan cuffs sweater || forever 21 floral skirt || simply vera leggings || aldo knee high faux fur boots


*knit & neoprene & cosby show style*

know who my style icon was growing up?  other than alexis colby & those faaaabulous shoulder pads?  it was actually claire huxtable of the cosby show!  not so much her lawyer power suits or her casual sweaters, but every time she wore a big wrap or shawl, i loved it!  i especially flipped for the wrap with fur tails (apologies to people who don’t advocate wearing fur…i’m just giving style credit where it’s due) she wore to get her family painting back in a high end auction, one of my favorite episodes :)

add to that the fact that i grew up in hawaii, so warm weather clothing was a novelty to me.  boots, gloves, scarves, capes, ponchos, anything fur???  even closed toe shoes were nowhere in my vocabulary…hahaha!  maybe that’s why i more than compensate now…aaaaand every time i wear a big ass shawl or wrap…i think i’m channeling the fabulous claire huxtable :)

wearing: ann taylor sweater (swapped) || ann taylor colorblock knit wrap || F21 tights || asos neoprene skirt || pour la victoire triple lace boots


*it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas*

not much to report on today, what can i say?  i never get on the TGIF bandwagon because i teach friday nights & i typically see clients on saturday (gotta make that cheddar), so my schedule ramps up versus slows down this time of the week.  wah wah…poor me.  oh well…enough of that whining :)

my downstairs neighbor did a great job decorating out front, so i wanted to showcase her efforts rather than my outfit which is so decidedly *not* very christmasy at all…hahaha!  gotten a little lazy with wearing the same belt & same shoes from the other day just cos they’re right there still.  decided to stick with the very neutral dark brown/camel palette with just the statement necklace & leopard print giving some kind of interest to the outfit.  even though it’s a blah day, i’m very excited for christmas coming up.  in fact, finished almost all of my holiday shopping (& then more for me) already.  only one last yankee swap gift to find.  then soon enough, it’ll be off to my in-laws’ place once again for more eating, drinking & overall relaxing!  CAN’T WAIT!


*more stripes & floral*

another variation on the stripes on floral outfit. are we tired of the combo yet? NOT ME! hahaha!  in honor of swap day tomorrow with my good friends, the swapaholics, not only am i engaging in my favorite pattern mixing, but today’s outfit is also almost entirely swapped!

i would rather dress much more colorfully, but it’s yet *another* drizzly, gray day here in boston, so sometimes it’s hard to dress all bright & shiny. in fact, i’ll probably have to switch my shoes when i head back out again as the skies look pretty threatening. boooo!

well, off to pull more clothes for the swap tomorrow! i think this is my 5th swap with amy & melissa hosting. they’re definitely professionals as they now go all around the country to host swaps! these events are always a fun time & i get to hang out with other blogger buddies! yay! i’ll be posting my new swap finds soon…i’m sure ^_^

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