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*arm party - easter weekend & zoo edition*

i’m in florida for a slightly longer than long weekend with the family :)  what do you expect *your* arm party would look like after spending time with the kids for the easter holiday & a day at the zoo?  hahaha!

wearing:  duct tape “spike” bracelet made by a friend’s daughter || bracelets via the butterfly, stingray & dino trek exhibits at the zoo :)


*bullets to bracelets*

as i sit here in (not so sunny) california & try to write up a quick christmas eve blog post before all gets too hectic, i apologize that i’m going to play the “grinch” for today.  maybe it’s the dreary weather compounding it, but as i’ve gotten older, i’ve really not enjoyed christmas in recent years.  the commercializiation, the “have to buy a present for someone because i have to” mentality & ending up buying a gift that i don’t want to give nor that person wants to receive, just because “it’s christmas.”  it’s bullshit.  for this year, i’m glad i was able to turn to dermalogica & their joinfite program once again.

you see, this program gives microloans to talented artisan women all over the world to help establish businesses of their own to bring hope & empower their lives.  i use dermalogica products & in the past, a portion of certain products i have bought have gone to finance those loans.  you can even direct which entrepreneur country you want your loan to go to!  

this year, i’m giving the bracelets made from bullet casings by women in ethiopia.  in a land with nothing, all they have are these leftovers from war & violence & it’s amazing they can actually turn that into a way of living & possibly prosperity.  also in light of the recent gun violence in newtown, CT, the message is much more poignant.  i feel much happier giving a gift that hopefully the recipients will like, but also goes to help a budding small business owner (like myself) somewhere across the globe.  despite my melancholy mood, i do hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season & happy new year!


*tie dye tuesday*

i had another outfit on while working, but then it became muggy hot into the later afternoon, so slipped into something tie dye, short & strapless to stay cool. my long lost kung fu sister was back in town, so we went to chinatown for our annual hot pot buffet dinner. she commented on how she liked the buddha bead bracelets i was wearing & i taunted her by saying they’re from the original wah lum temple in guangdong, china (as opposed to the one my grandmaster founded in orlando). i love to tease her because she moved away just before our epic china tour in 2001 where we all went *except* her…cos she moved away. she was lame like that. hahaha! i make fun, but i love her!

i wish i could say this pendant also came from an awesome, exotic, far way place. it’s only from express like a gajillion years ago. it has a nice weight to it though…could even possibly be some kind of stone or a heavier polymer than the cheapie plastics that most costume jewelry are made today :( i keep forgetting my father-in-law is a sculptor & knows all kinds of materials, resins, etc. i should ask him what it’s made of.

speaking of my FIL, he started up an online shop where he’s creating jewelry & other souvenirs with americana themes. think of visiting a state’s welcome center & buying a fine pewter pendant or charm bracelet featuring that state’s bird/flower…that kinda stuff. he’s been a successful artist for decades, but i’m so proud that he’s endeavoring to do something more commercial! check out GiftWorks of Blue Bell & his facebook page too! he doesn’t even have facebook! isn’t that precious?

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