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*army of me*

and if you complain once more…you’ll meet an army of me."  perhaps my most favorite line of one of my favorite songs from one of my most favorite artists of all time.  i know a lot of people like björk, but did you know she was in a band before she went solo called the sugarcubes?  i saw the sugarcubes in their last boston concert just before they split up & björk herself went supernova.  come to think of it, then i saw björk in concert a few years after that.  lucky for me i’m an old fart…hahaha!

wearing: rachel roy military style jacket || swapped j crew shirt || simply vera chino leggings || express tassel belt || dolce vita ankle booties

anywhooooo…that whole björk/army of me intro was to segue into my army/military-inspired outfit today (if you haven’t figured it out already, hahaha).  this rachel roy jacket is 4 sizes too big for me, but it was one of my filene’s basement $5 closeout deals, so couldn’t resist. also, my zombie pendant came!!!  i’ll wear it until the apocalypse do us part.  finally, to round out the whole military look (hey, i’m a kung fu girl at heart, so i’m combative by nature), a more fashionable version of combat boots.  funky chunky heel…peeptoe….multiple buckles…check, check & CHECK!  end of the world?  invading foreign (or undead) forces?  bring it on!

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