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*happy 8th wedding anniversary*

eight happy years of wedded bliss with my sweet, lovable partner-in-crime who continues to sweep me off my feet still.every.single.day :)


*one florida trip…several outfits*

i was in florida this past weekend for two very special occasions.  first off, my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary which my brothers & i were able to successfully throw a surprise dinner for them & 40 family members & friends.  it was the perfect surprise!  my parents never even knew we were in the state at all & my mom wouldn’t stop crying, she was so happy!  SUCCESS!  party #2 was the baby shower for my niece coming in march.  i was able to surprise my sister-in-law there with the baby stroller she wanted, plus i gave a hello kitty blanket (of course).  no time to take proper outfit photos, so here’s an amalgamation of what i wore the past few days :)  

anniversary dinner:  erin fetherston butterfly cape sleeve archive dress (similar)

baby shower:  h&m striped sweater & neon striped skirt

other dinners/outings: h&m glitter cardigan, viparo leather skirtmagenta sequined cardigan, & asianicandy shredded heart sweater


*7-year wedding anniversary*

i married a still pretty awesome guy 7 years ago (even though we’ve known each other almost 19 years now).  back then, i dyed my hair back to almost black & wore a demetrios cap sleeve silver white gown that i still find totes amaze.  quick photo now & more details on our *very quick* NYC getaway later ^_^


*what i did on my 6th wedding anniversary*

funny how life works sometimes.  while all my blogger friends back home were doing all the fashiony events surrounding boston’s fashion night out & NYFW, i’ve been decidedly *non*fashionable at all in bangkok.  even on the day of my wedding anniversary, i was a hot, sweaty, humidity-attacked mess & i.would.not.have.had.it.an.y.oth.er.way ^_^

since MDH’s conference was finally over, the day started off fast & furious.  many of his work colleagues were heading home to their various points of origin (some the USA, some vietnam & other countries) & they needed to get their shopping done ASAP!  i was *all* too happy to help.  first stop, the famous 30-acre 15,000 stall chatuchak market.  since it’s only open on the weekend, both thai residents & tourists alike descend upon this crazily congested shopping district where you can find everything from porcupines (yes, as in the animal…just don’t ask me if they’re sold as food or pets…eek!) to vintage leather jackets & everything else in between!  my favorite was buying all the dried foods that i can’t really get here (like dried cuttlefish & jackfruit chips) & being able to sample before you buy…or, you all know how much i loves me some street food, how about it being the only place you can get mini brownie donuts on a stick?  hahaha!

after chatuchak, we took cabs to siam paragon…the complete 180 degree opposite of chatuchak market.  in other words, this was the high end mall with designer brands, the latest in tech & (blessedly) air conditioning!  we spent time here doing more browsing, eating at the most gigantic food court i’ve ever seen (and manila looooves their food courts…trust me) & also buying goods at gourmet market…their premiere gorgeous, pristine supermarket with almost artfully curated produce that makes eataly in NYC look like a dumping warehouse for kraft macaroni & cheese.  there, i was very pleased to find pure virgin coconut oil for my hair.

after that, we parted ways with some of the guys who were finally leaving for the airport & we headed back to the hotel for a much needed nap.  the day ended with the most incredible seafood dinner on the river that MDH’s conference director arranged & even though it was our “romantic” anniversary dinner, i was all too happy to let him join us.  in fact, i kept joking it was really a romantic dinner for him & my hubby since they kept talking conference/company business & i was just there for the ride…hahaha!  

now, MDH & i had been together a looooong time & spent many an anniversary dinner together…everything from exclusive tables at the fanciest of boston’s restaurants to a hurried take home dinner of indian food over the last 4 minutes of our anniversary on a particularly busy work day.  all in all, just being able to spend our special day in bangkok, doing my most favorite of activities…shopping & eating…with my dearest, sweetest husband beside me the whole time…this will be one of the best anniversaries i will remember in a long time.  now, it would just be perfection if i could find sticky mango rice back home in the US :)

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