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*fringe, ruffles, tassles & the golden hour*

another anomalous warm “winter” day in the high 50s necessitated going outdoors & soaking up that late afternoon sun, affectionately known amongst photographers as the “golden hour" for that amazing picturesque glow.  warm enough for one of my favorite kimono jackets & this comfy yet chic (it has pockets!) mini romper dress picked up at yet another awesome clothing swap :)

wearing: LF harvard sq floral kimono fringe jacket & fleece-lined leggings || swapped grey dress || aldo tassel necklace || IT x payless booties


*floral fringe benefits*

so…what’s the benefit of semi-cleaning out your closet more than…oh say…every couple years?  you actually find stuff you’ve stashed away that quickly disappeared into the depths of your all-too-congested clothing racks…stuff you haven’t even worn yet. bwahahaha!

wearing:  LF stores fringe floral jacket || F21 black dress || gift store glass pendant (santorini) || thrift store earrings || h&m floral fabric heels

this light fringe-edged kimono jacket that i got from *last* season’s LF super sale was the perfect topper for another warm & sunny day…wonderfully light & airy.  also, decided to pair the large floral print of my top with the itty-bitty blossoms on this pair of h&m sandals…$5 clearance special, no less ^_^

couldn’t resist playing with the fringe all day, *however* had to be super careful as well.  darn it if i wasn’t hooking myself on every little thing…door jambs, railings, even got my stupid keys tangled in the sleeves as i tried getting into my house…hahaha!  with all the compliments it got all day though, the extra hassle was worth it ^_^


*blogger mixer at LF in harvard square ~ the recap*

picture-heavy post coming up!  i’ll let the photos speak for themselves & try to keep the commentary short & sweet ^_^

when i first arrived at LF, chloe & our other “hostesses with the mostesses” invited us to peruse the store, pull items that we would love to try on & basically just generate our wishlist!  the above items are what i totally craved…colorfully fun suede fringe bags, the steve madden x LF gorgeous blue suede wedge, ipad cases in fun bright colors & obviously, i loves me some spiky sam edelman shoes, so the new deadly roza pump!

then, it came down to trying on some clothes…my favorite part!  i totally picked this dress that is so *unlike* my style, yet i was immediately drawn to.  it was a neoprene-style body con dress with these chiffon side hip panels & amazing padded shoulders.  i loved the slimming effect of the black panels (although i could stand to lose a couple pounds if i really wanted to wear this in public O.O) & even though i would normally balk at the too-short miniskirt length, i felt more covered up with the sheer, yet fun & flirty fabric. if i hadn’t had my new year’s eve dress already picked out, this dress would definitely be in the “must have” category :)

chloe & her famous phrase “what??? i’m tweeting!”  hahaha!

while still playing amongst all the gorgeous clothes & shoes, we also found time to customize our own santa hats… in other words, totally cover them with glitter!!!  then we played the yankee swap game which if you’ve never played, it’s only mostly fun when there’s stealing!  *of course* i was the mean one & stole sarah’s awesome mustache temporary tattoos away from her!  but she got a super cool set of coffee mugs (which i brought)…so was all good ^_^  it was a great time hanging out with blogger friends (like cassie, amanda & chloe) & making new ones!  thanks again LF for having us!


*blogger mixer at LF in harvard square ~ the outfit*

had kind of a crazy busy weekend, so i’ll start from backwards ^_^  a blogger friend, chloe of the i-can-totally-relate blog titled walking in heels, hosted a mixer last night at one of my most FAVORITE stores, LF in harvard square!  i just love holiday parties, *especially* when i’m surrounded by clothes & shoes that you can already totally find in my closet.  hence, i decided to go balls to the wall & wear all white…it *is* the holidays after all!  as nini says…”you don’t want to blend in, you want to stand out!”

to compete with all that white, i kept my accoutrements still very bold, but in darker silver/pewter tones with just a *hint* of neon yellow.  just for fun…why not?  in keeping with that kind of sparkly, glittery, holiday vibe.  i originally had white shoes on, but blecccchhhhkkk…was way too much.  i was glad to have the silver shoes to match the rest of my accessories.  thanks to chloe for taking my picture :)  i will detail the rest of the party…which involved snacks, cider, dressing up, wishlist items, crazy santa hats & a cutthroat yankee swap in my next post.  until next time ^_^

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