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*the ifb all-shoes-one-photo challenge*

dear IFB:  thank you very much for allowing me to participate in project #59…all my shoes in one photo.  i have to admit though (and i’m not one to easily concede defeat), i lost this challenge :(  you see…these aren’t all my shoes *wink*wink*  sincerely, lei ann :)


*ifb project #2 - the haiku*

i didn’t think i was going to post today (uninteresting outfit), but here comes IFB to the rescue! from twice yearly conferences…to just fun little projects like this…i love how IFB always has something new to do ^_^  here’s my haiku attempt…*ahem*

                                                                                acrylic necklace

                                                                                you feel like ice on my neck

                                                                                perfect for summer


last IFB conference recap & other random photos (i.e. what i learned in NYC during fashion week)

~ always dress fashionably no matter the situation. you never know when you’ll be approached by a photographer wanting to snap your pic even when you’ve literally gotten off the bus from boston to NYC, dropped your stuff off at your friend’s apartment & hadn’t even eaten lunch yet!

~ always good to see a familiar blogger friend face when making new ones ^_^

~ a certain statue in the time warner center has a golden peen (tee hee hee…how old am i?)

~ also, the TWC has TV screens imbedded in the mirror in the women’s restroom. geez, do we need technology *everywhere* we go? have we no privacy anywhere? hahaha

~ thai tapas & a refreshing blue drink (& a glamourai necklace) make everything better

~ IFB conference after party at the chelsea room & hey…i can take one of the hold-away-at-arm’s-length self portrait kinda photos without cutting my own head off!

~ when you dress for warmth & your only form of outerwear is a ubiquitous & ginormous red cape, you get tired of outfit photos really fast

~ eataly was everything i had hoped it would be! get the winter salad & lasagne pesto. i wish i could have tried everything else :d

~ watch out for roving elmos, cookie monsters & disney characters in times square. they act all cute with you in pictures, but then hit you up for a “donation”

~ finally, not saying that anyone would confuse me & chiara of the blonde salad (with a big congrats on the bloglovin’ award win…i totally voted for you!), *but*…predominantly black, red & cream outfits (leather pants no less…well her…i’m more pleather) with studded bottom tote bags & crossed legs pose while hanging out at the fountain at lincoln center? i dunno…she might be copying me…bwahahaha!!!

taking fashion to the streets photo via their FB page

photo of chiara via her blog, the blonde salad

all other photos taken by me or naomi mirando


i can’t believe it has been almost a week since i embarked on my short trip to NYC. my main reason for traveling? the IFB conference *of course*! i had attended it last year & had an awfully great time. i actually didn’t think i was going to go this year, but once i saw the final lineup on the bloggers, speakers and other fashion industry bigwigs slated for the panels and presentations, i just knew i was going! (plus my actor friends in NYC were away & they gave me complete access to their apartment…mwahaha! hellz yeah free room & board!)

first off, a lot of my favorite bloggers were speaking, keiko lynn (whom i met last year), wendy lam of nitrolicious, geri hirsch of BIA, rebecca the clotheshorse and karla of karla’s closet! i loved that this year, there were a lot of BIG brands speaking on the panels like gucci and mtv who gave really interesting insights on how they work with bloggers. i found all of it extremely informative as well as entertaining!

the quick rundown of the day…the first two hour-long panels went, then we broke for lunch which was provided by the IFB conference. unfortunately, it seemed there wasn’t enough lunches to go around and certainly not enough drinks :( luckily i brought a big bottle of water with me which i never do. during the breaks, we were able to go around and get jeans fittings with levis, take our photos with shopbop for best-dressed blogger & generally just network, talk with old acquaintances (like wendy brandes) & make new ones ^_^ we even got swag bags with cool stuff like mac makeup, cool t-shirts & chocolate. the last 2 panels took up the rest of the afternoon.

as great as all that was, the final keynote presentation was what definitively decided for me that i was going to attend the conference this year…lazaro & jack of PROENZA SCHOULER!!! ever since i watched their episode of the series “the day before” on the sundance channel (gosh almost 2 years ago now…yikes!), i have been just fascinated with their design process. i couldn’t believe i was staring at them not 20 feet away from me, chatting about how they follow bloggers & street style and partaking of the whole “social media” frenzy. i especially liked just how cute & personable lazaro was (not like jack isn’t), but he’s just adorable! like a cute little boy you just wanna spank! eeek…did i just say that! anywho…proenza schouler, yeah. who could they get next year to top that?


i’m back from NYC & still reeling from the quick, but fun trip! i have to admit, as much as i loved attending & listening to all the wonderful speakers & bloggers during the IFB conference, i was out of sorts, sort of. you see, i was very excited to have completed my fair isle scarf that i painfully & quickly tried to knit up before going to new york. i wanted it to be the centerpiece of my outfit. a cream white sweater dress & knee-high matching grey-blue boots completed the ensemb. soooo easy. however, i didn’t realize i brought the wrong type of undergarment. i knew i should have brought a slip, but in an effort to keep warmer, i wore a long t-shirt that kept bunching up in the most unflattering way at *of course* the most unflattering part of my body. so, i kind of self-consciously sat & walked around worrying about this. *sigh* stupid to stress about such things i know, but because of it, i didn’t enjoy myself as thoroughly as i should have :(

on a POSITIVE note, i got to meet a bunch of my favorite personal style bloggers (more on that later or this post will be obnoxiously photo-heavy) & one of my all-time favorites, karla of karla’s closet!!! i was very happy to meet her as she’s based in california & i don’t know what other chance i would have had to talk with her. she’s incredibly sweet & of course as fiercely dressed IRL as URL. more details on the IFB conference to come…


soooooo very excited to be attending the IFB conference next week! i went last year & had a blast with amy of punkystyle & other blogger friends, but i didn’t expect to go again this time around. *however* proenza schouler as keynote speakers??? plus some of my favorite bloggers presenting? that’s it…i’m in there like swimwear!

btw…did you guys know it’s chinese new year’s eve? click the photo above for a great article on some of the traditions and customs that are celebrated around this time. i’m hoping all the red i’m sprinkling on my tumblr lately will bring me good luck! gong hai fat choy! year of the bunny rabbit! i know amy would be happy to hear this ^_^

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