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*bumming around bangkok*


sorry kids…this is as exciting as an outfit photo is going to get.  i’m exhausted!  i’ll recap days 2 & 3 in bangkok as there has kind of been a lot and then not a lot going on.  first of all, this is the beginning of the days where i’m spending a lot of time alone.  as i’ve mentioned before, i’m only here in thailand accompanying MDH while he has a conference to attend.  it has begun & he’s with his team members alllllll day & allllll night (well most of the nights).  yesterday, while he worked with his team members, i basically bummed around the hotel & got some of my own work done (miscellaneous reports & other boring stuff i’ve put off until now).  when they were done, 3 of us went for thai massages.  well, MDH & i.  the other member of our group wimped out (as he heard you get bent like a pretzel…which is the BEST part…duh!) & he went for a regular oil massage.  that thai massage was great!  they gave us loose fitting clothes to wear & we laid down on floor mats.  not only was it roughly $15 for 2…yes, that’s TWO…hours of bodywork, but it was really not that bad.  i’ve had thai massage before, so i knew what to expect.  i even fell asleep during it, if it’s possible to conceive of falling asleep with a woman’s knee in your back…hahaha!

today started with having breakfast with MDH & 3 of his team members.  when they left for the conference, i worked out on the elliptical, did tai chi (i had the hotel gym to myself), sat in the steam room & then hit the hot tub.  all mornings should start off like that :) after getting dressed, i went to the platinum fashion mall…the largest one in thailand.  now, i’m used to going to these types of malls where the stores are really just little stalls lined up next to each other & the aisles just go on & on & on…forever.  plus, this mall was like 6 floors. all these stalls sell pretty much the same things, women’s clothing, accessories, handbags, etc.  i was actually pleasantly surprised to see the lack of counterfeit designer handbags that typically frequent these types of malls compared to hong kong & manila.  it was still a bit overwhelming though & you’re expected to haggle over prices as well.  got 870 baht worth of clothing for only 500.  yay me!

after that, i went back to the tailor for a first fitting.  i actually showed up waaaaay early for my appointment as i judged the time wrong.  i was so worried about being late with traffic so bad, i was there a full 90 minutes early!  the seamstress wasn’t even there yet.  luckily, there was a foot massage parlor across the street, so guess where i spent an hour?  oh yeah…2nd foot massage of the trip ^_^  then had my fitting.  i was pleased that the shop owner who had doubts about one of the fabrics i brought in admitted to himself that the dress being made from it was turning out better than he expected.  HA!  feeling great about that, i took the MRT (subway) vs. taxi back to the hotel since traffic was still so bad (i dare say it’s even worse than manila traffic).  since MDH was having dinner with his team, i found a restaurant close to the hotel & had (of all things)…the classic thai iced tea & pad thai!  oh brother!  i usually don’t like to be so obvious, but eating by my lonesome, i didn’t feel like experimenting.  so, now back at the hotel.  MDH is still out :(  gonna finish up this post, take a shower & then plan out my agenda for another solo day tomorrow.  know what that means right?  more shopping!


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