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*goooood morning vietna-…oh wait, i mean thailaaaaand!*

hey ya’ll!  well, did it again. managed to fly to the other end of the world & emerge unscathed.  i’m trying to write this day up as quick as i can as it’s almost 1 in the morning here & i’m so exhausted from the day’s activities.  first off, got in late sunday night, so blissfully fell right asleep & no jet lag. hooray!  my strategy works every time :)  

after bouncing out of bed all bright-eyed the next morning, had an INCREDIBLE breakfast at the hotel buffet.  we’re talking quiches, yogurt parfaits, tamarind & milk chocolate jam, watermelon & coconut juices!  after that, a full day of events.  i brought fabrics from the US to have clothes custom made, so MDH, 2 friends & i found a tailor on sukhumvit road.  we all ended up ordering clothes to be made.  then we had a yummy indian lunch that the tailor recommended (chicken korma was so good!).  we spent the rest of the afternoon walking the rest of sukhumvit road shopping in both major malls & street stalls where you’re expected to price haggle.  after all that walking, i was blissfully rewarded with another great foot massage while the boys sat in a jazz club & had drinks.  final dinner & drinks at the hotel bar & now i’m READY for bed!  hopefully i’ll have more to share with the adventures of day #2 ^_^

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