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*so many sandwiches at SOWA open market*

finally, finally, FINALLY! an actual summer weekend where i’m not out of town or performing at some chinatown festival…hahaha! i’ve been wanting to hit up SOWA market for what has felt like eons. do i go there however for the little indie shops or vintage market? having this fashion blog…you think i would, but nooooooo. my only purpose was to do a food truck crawl with one of my best foodie buds who’s always willing to food adventure with me ^_^

we started off at the roxy’s grilled cheese truck. i remember going to these guys regularly back in march. i was even the mayor of their truck way back when. now they’re on the great food truck race & as evidenced by the long ass line today, i can’t even get near them anymore. they’re too cool for me now *sniff*sniff*. oh who am i kidding, those guys are still great to me! always loves me some grilled cheese sammich action from roxy’s!

my friend & i rounded out our shared meal with a grilled cheese/kim chi sandwich *and* the elvis (peanut butter, banana & fluff) from lefty’s cart & fish tacos from go fish. unfortunately, while eating our tacos, the skies opened up & it started raining HARD…like florida hard…where we had to go running for cover, just like in the movies! our poor little fish tacos drowned :( still, it was plenty to eat in one morning & we considered our crawl a success! next time, we’ll hit the other trucks we didn’t get to (and maybe also check the weather forecast)…hahaha!

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