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*earth day clothing swap*

i spent thursday night with a lot of good blogger friends during yet another clothing swap!  i still love them!  i’ve been to a few now…always hosted by my friends, the swapaholics! in fact, i wouldn’t know any other kind of swap if they didn’t organize it!

the format is always the same. i arrived at 6 to drop my clothes off early & schmooze. this time, they had pacifico beer & cakeology sponsor the snacks. i tell you what, i am *not* a beer drinker at all! hate the stuff! but i found this pacifico beer very easy to drink! i might even look for it when i go to bars now! cakeology had mini red velvet cupcakes with a DELICIOUS cream cheese frosting! 

while the swapaholics & their interns organized all the clothing & accessories, i spent the time taking outfit photos with najeema, chatting up new blogger friends, melissa & natalie of the boston day book & also hanging out with courtney, my nonblogger (gasp!) friend, whom i invited to the swap. by then, it was 8:30 & ready for the swap to begin! as usual, the big rush of girls fanned out & it was total mayhem the first few seconds. though i consider myself an *ahem* expert in swapping, i got giddy & overwhelmed there for a bit with all the grabbing & girls running & getting bumped around. despite some initial hesitation, i managed to snag a few choice items…which i’ll share soon enough ;)

after we had all picked through the racks to our satisfaction & our bags are overflowing with new treasures, some of us bloggers hung around after to try on what we had & even do swapping amongst ourselves :) it was cute to see that alana had ended up with holly’s shoes. cassie ended up not liking an h&m chambray dress she grabbed, so i snagged it for myself. amanda got like 5 gorgeous handbags & clutches! jealous! it was totally cool to see what everyone had gotten! so for me, nothing beats a clothing swap for the new-to-me clothes that i get, but also the camaraderie with like-minded girls :) makes the experience that much more fun! until the next clothing swap…

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