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*oona’s $5 fill a bag sale…rounds 2 & 3*


oona’s experienced clothing $5 a bag sale was too good…i had to go back the next day!  i stopped by on the way to the neiman marcus event.  as many disappointed shoppers who came to the sale too late found, all that were left were piles of plaid shirts. nevertheless, i found some cute fitted ones, plus some other items, including even an XL men’s navy shirt for MDH!  when i was done at NM, on a whim, i called oona’s & was told that they did restock, so off i went again!  got many more items this third time around:  4 plaid shirts, 3 beanies, mint fair isle sweater, pink/white/black skirt, lavender floral dress, yellow sheer blouse, green fringe skirt, red silk floral bowtie cape (like seriously a cape…only appropriate to wear to phantom of the opera CAPE!), camel/white long wool jacket, green/blue silk floral top, two 70’s style print shift dresses/tunics, beige/black piping belted tunic, yellow print cotton sundress, white collared blouse, lavender/yellow polka dot shorts & 3 belts/sashes.  between this, the first round at oona’s & other assorted clearance items i picked up from h&m & target…i’m *done* with clothes shopping…like ever!  plus, get ready for an eclectic shift in my personal style over the coming weeks as i try to incorporate some of these unusual pieces into my wardrobe ^_^


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