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*all that glitters is not gold*


i was cleaning up/putting away clothes in my closet & this sweater happened to fall against this dress.  i can’t believe i never thought to combine them before with all the glittery gloriousness!  admittedly, it was a little much for treating clients in my office, but my regulars are used to (& dare i even say appreciate) my extravagant wear sometimes :)  i wanted to look nice for a friend’s birthday dinner that night & i didn’t have time to go home to change.


love these old ankle booties too with all the grommet, buckle, hook & eye  & suede detail.  ever notice they don’t make booties like this anymore?  they now all seem to have zippers up the inner side.  no likey :(

wearing: express silver glitter sweater || h&m bronze/silver glitter dress || swapped silver filigree bracelet || aldo outlet earrings & ankle boots


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