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*wearing green on christmas day*

wearing: h&m dress || rodarte/target asian print t-shirt || vintage tassel pendant || green bead necklace & bracelet (from naomi) || JC wedges 

hmmm…it’s not that i have an aversion to the usual christmas red, but it seems like i’m wearing green again…just like last year :) hahaha!  complete with silly hat from my mother-in-law, of course!  hope everyone had a very merry christmas!  just enjoying the rest of my (now) sunnier california vacation & glad to be missing out on the massive snowstorm i’m hearing about back east.  yikes!

of note for my christmas outfit, i’ve weirdly taken to wearing this old rodarte & target collab t-shirt under other sleeveless shirts/dresses as it kind of gives me that japanese tattoo sleeve effect.  don’t know why i like it for now (or maybe i do know…hello, adam levine) ^_^  also, my jewelry (sans my husband’s gma’s tassel pendant) i got from my blogger buddy, naomi, who moved to NYC & she was selling a lot of her clothing to make room.  shop a fashion stylist’s closet???  heck yeah!

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