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*sold out items*

i was lucky enough to score 2 *big ticket* & HIGHLY desirable items last week that within minutes of their being available, sold the heck out!  hooray!

1.  i love my tech as much as i love my shoes. the nexus 4, google’s latest smartphone, was selling within minutes of being online worldwide.  hence, when USA sales began, i was there like a fiend, refreshing my computer screen & tablet at the same time & was lucky enough to score not 1, but 2 phones.  don’t ask for the extra phone though…my hubs already called dibs :)

2.  the next item, took much less work :)  blogger pal, najeema, lucked out at the maison martin margiela x h&m debut & got the silver candy wrapper clutch for herself & an extra for me!  it was definitely the most coveted item of the collection because even when i perused h&m later on, there seemed to be plenty of the clothing, shoes & other accessories but NO more clutches to be found. WINNING!

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