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*boston blogger night & shopping party at goodwill boston*

last thursday night found me back at the goodwill headquarters in downtown boston at the kind invitation of fellow blogger friend & *newest* addition to the boston globe as their new DIY BOSTON contributor…melissa!  congratulations sweetie!

i attended goodwill’s first blogger day back in may & was all to happy to return for their fall event with some new & familiar faces.  i can never resist a chance to shop at the HUGE store down on harrison avenue & scored a ton of great finds!  in fact, it was one of those moments where i actually had to haul around one of the goodwill shopping carts while i shopped…my treasures were getting so heavy in my arms!  BTW, that christian audigier double panther hoodie above almost almost made it into my cart, but then i came to my senses…bwahaha!

the rest of the night was spent eating pizza, chatting with everyone including the goodwill team members & once again touring the warehouse…concluding with group photos at the famed ‘wall of baled clothes.’  since i had already experienced the “behind the scenes,” it was cool to hear the new girls who had never been ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over the expansive space & what it takes to get those donations out to their respective stores all across the new england area.  

goodwill really is a great nonprofit with such a positive mission statement & their message (which speaks to me personally) of reuse & recycle.  by donating your unused items to them, you are helping them turn that into revenue which in turn runs their employment training & community support services.  it’s the easiest way to contribute!  if you want to do more, there are also volunteer opportunities.  truly though, the best way to help out your local goodwill is by SHOPPING there!  so hard right?  goodwill has even provided you with a 25% off coupon…like you really need an excuse as goodwill prices are the hardest to beat!  the discount is good until nov. 30th, so get to your nearby goodwill, shop & support this amazing organization :)

photo credit: group photo via goodwill boston’s FB page & all other photos, via moi :)

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