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*purple reign at the BAAFF*

wearing:  swapped long coat (via the closet) || swapped purple high-low dress (via nicolle) || the glamourai dharma neckplate || JC lita spikes

this was kinda much for a daytime look, but i wore this last week where i was out & about with the boston asian american film festival & then had to go to an awards presentation banquet the same night & no time to go home & change in between.   as i said in my previous post, my kung fu grandmaster was in town to promote his documentary & it was wonderful to spend all that time with him & his family.  even a little bit *more* time than expected since the storm we had in boston canceled their flights.  whoops!  pui chan: kung fu pioneer also won the BAAFF’s documentary audience choice award!  congratulations to the chan family!

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