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*pui chan: kung fu pioneer premiering at boston asian american film festival*

hey everyone.  gonna change gears for a second & talk about something other than fashion & events that i’ve attended the past few weeks.  i’m going to showcase the *other* half of me that i don’t talk about very much.  for this coming weekend, i’m going to be all kung fu all the time :)** 

you see, grandmaster pui chan is coming to boston.  what’s a grandmaster?  he’s essentially the teacher of my kung fu teacher.  all my training, all that i have learned the past almost 20 years really came from him.  he’s in town to accompany the new england premiere of his film documentary, pui chan: kung fu pioneer at the boston asian american film festival.  the story of his life, what he has endured & achieved will be on the big screen.  i’ve seen an early release of it, but now that it’s set to go nationwide, i am *beyond* excited for everyone else outside of my little kung fu world. to watch it!  he’s just as agile & acrobatic as anyone you’ve seen in crouching tiger, hidden dragon.  his spirit is fearless.  he’s even funny & comedic in his own way, like kung fu panda :)  he’s truly a real-life hero.  he (& my teacher, bob rosen) are the inspiration & reason i have dedicated my life to kung fu as well :)

if you’re interested in joining me in watching this amazing documentary, the BAAFF still has tickets to the sunday screening at 12:30 at the paramount theater as the saturday showing is sold out!  watch a sneak peek below.  i really can’t wait for members of my kung fu family to be in boston, for us to hang out, work out & see this movie!  

photo & trailer via puichan.com

** when i said all kung fu, all the time…well, maybe i’ll try to sneak some red carpet outfit photos as well :)  hey, still gotta stay true to my blog, right?  hahaha!

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