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*wacoal wine & fitting event for boston bloggers*

i’ll be perfectly honest.  i pay a *lot* of attention to what i wear on the outside, but never give much thought to what i wear underneath.  my lady garments are usually a mix of old victoria’s secret, target or quite honestly, packs of low-quality bras & panties i buy by the suitcase full that i bring back home from trips to manila.  

so, when i was invited by luxury lingerie brand, wacoal, to a wine & fitting event in an 11th floor suite at the ritz carlton along with other boston fashion bloggers, i was more than intrigued!  first of all, i never had a proper fitting before.  then again, when you’re little like me (& i’m not just talking about me being short), i figured i never had to really know what my proper size was.  as it turns out, i found out i was buying a bra size up from what i thought i was & no wonder my straps always fell off my shoulders.  the woman who measured me fitted me with a bra that hugged me snugly & no straps falling!  after my custom fitting, i enjoyed wine, apps, desserts & fun conversation with a few of my fellow bloggers ^_^ we also fawned over the beautiful pieces of lingerie that included not only bras, but also panties & shapewear!

as part of the event, i received a bra that will be mailed to me.  i chose the one below in natural nude with its pretty lace, but smooth contour that should be invisible under even the thinnest of t-shirts.  i will definitely do a review when it arrives.  not gonna lie…i’m excited for pretty underpinnings, especially ones that actually fit!  hahaha!

disclosure:  i was compensated by wacoal for this post, by my opinions are 100% my own :)

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