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*the tent at boston fashion week 2012 ~ emily muller*

i didn’t want my last write up of the tent at boston fashion week to be over a week late, but it’s been a pretty nonstop weekend.  it’s nice to look back though i remember how beautiful & ethereal emily muller's latest collection was…appropriately titled “from the depths.”

as badass & hard hitting candice wu’s runway offerings were, emily muller’s designs showcased the complete opposite.  softly draping panels of diaphanous fabric in greens, greys & light blues were both fetchingly form-fitting & danced playfully in the breeze.  it sort of reminded me that if a mermaid took to land (like ariel), this would be her inspiration.  not obviously from the depths of the ocean, but hearkening to it.  the styling maintained the refreshingly feminine mood.  all models had massive braids piled high atop their heads…of the french & fishtail kind…some adorned with rosettes & bows…and some with multiple layers of sophie hughes chains.  i’m actually looking forward to trying to recreate some of the hairstyles myself.  again, as candice wu represented my ass-kicking ninja wannabe self…emily muller made me dream of my romantic, girly half.  if there were ever 2 boston tent designers who showcased this season that reflected both parts of my personality beautifully, i feel these talented women spoke directly to my fashionable heart!  no wonder they were my favorites!

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