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*AACA & neiman marcus “boston’s famous” fashion presentation*

i’ve been so busy with trying to write about all the fashion shows i’ve attended over the past few days that daily outfit photos have fallen to the wayside.  nice to finally get a picture of what *i’m* wearing for a change…hahaha!

wearing: trina turk printed dress || vintage tassel necklace (via MDH’s grandma) || wah lum temple bead bracelets || melody ehsani armor ring

on tuesday night, i was invited to attend the asian american civic association “boston’s famous” runway show in conjunction with neiman marcus.  in all honesty, i most likely would have skipped it, if not for my good friend (and kung fu sister) mai du who was one of the models!  i had to gently tease her too as it’s established in our school that i’m the one who is known to be the “kung fu fashionista" so it was fun to turn the tables, especially when she admittedly is more comfortable in kung fu pants & t-shirts…hahaha!

it actually turned out to be a fun & ultra fashionable night.  the models really were some of boston’s famous like channel 5’s janet wu & the mayor of malden, gary christenson.  they sported covetable looks like plenty of sparkly louboutins, YSL handbags & even a very sharp looking grey men’s tom ford suit!  mai was nervous, but she did very well.  dave chen, the style advisor of neiman marcus, did a spectacular job of dressing the models in rich fall colors, especially in green & navy.  lots & lots of luscious green!  i really did enjoy his styling since it seems to resonate with my own personal style…color, prints, big jewelry, excess, more is MORE!  all ticket proceeds go to the AACA to help with their education, job skills & social services programs, so it was a fashionable, but also charitable night.  food was provided by one of my favorite restaurants as of late, shojo boston.  all in all, seeing professional runway shows, to student shows, to high end style with regular people as models…i’m super impressed with all the fashion boston has to offer!

all photos property of lei ann…off duty

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