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*the tent at boston fashion week 2012 ~ sam mendoza*

i’ll be honest, i’m a girl who doesn’t dress *simply*…i like pattern mixing & complicated, fussy articles of clothing.  comfy chic & sexy are definitely not in my personal style manifesto.  so, first seeing sam mendoza's runway show, the first to kick off the tent at boston fashion week for 2012, you'd think i'd be uninterested.  flowy cut tank tops & full skirts came out & i thought “meh”…but then i took a closer look & started paying attention.

i started seeing details like orange trim around dress hemlines.  a pop of turquoise velvet enhancing necklines, beltlines & seams.  very sexy cutout backs to the deceptively simple & easy to wear evening gowns.  intricate origami-type pleating detail & draping to skirts. talk about more than meets the eye!

the simple silhouettes of the clothing made these tiny details stand out even more.  there weren’t even patterned fabrics at all, save for some minimal stripes on a crop top here & there.  some natural, organic jewelry of buddha bead bracelets & necklaces, plus braided hairstyles piled high on the head rounded out the styling.  to sum up, the clothing was flowy, light as air fabrics, cut simply & with minimal, yet impactful, details to enhance (instead of detract from) the female form.  i envision this girl easily wearing these luscious gowns out for a night on the town, then coming home & still able to luxuriously & comfortably host an after-party party into the wee hours of the morning.  simply sexy!

sam’s show was one of the first to sell out…rightfully so as he’s one of boston’s favorite local designers & you can’t beat the wearability of his clothing.  i was lucky to have gotten a waitlisted spot.  thank you very much to sam mendoza & congratulations on starting the tent at boston fashion week 2012 off on a strong & sultry note!

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