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*boston fashion week 2012 swap*

last night, the lovely & always super sweet, melissa, hosted a very low key clothing swap at her adorable apartment.  now, her & amy, have held *all kinds* of swap events throughout the years…everything from down & dirty thrifting style in elementary school basements to ultra hip designer swaps at high tech centers for hundreds of boston’s swapping ladies.  last night, brought it back down a notch.  very simple, very laid back, very casual & still tons of fun.  it was only 8 or so of us & we noshed on the incredible spread melissa had put out…beet quinoa salad, mustard chicken, butternut squash soup shooters…& washed it all down with pear sangria & hot mulled cider.  oh & then there were the clothes!  not surprisingly, since i highly envy her style, i ended up with a lot of nicolle’s clothes!  to just casually hang out in melissa’s kitchen while sipping & eating, then getting up whenever you felt like it to peruse the rack & try on clothes…now *that’s* the way to swap!  starting off boston fashion week with another bang!

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