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*transitioning trends towards fall*

trend checklist, here we go!  neon (still???)…check! floral print on black background…check!  peter pan collar…check!  ombre hair…check!  super chunky mary jane platforms (always!)…check, check, *check* & CHECK!  

while neon is still a favorite staple of mine, it’s definitely more of a summer time thing, but this skirt is made of neoprene, so it’s heavy & sturdy enough to carry me well into fall.  already starting the transitioning…dare i say it, *pre-fall*…process though by wearing it with a darker top & closed-toe heels.  like mike tyson singing along with phil collins, we can feel it coming in the air tonight, can’t we? oh who am i kidding…we’ll probably get a sweltering heatwave with 90% humidity next week o.O  it is new england after all XD

wearing: asos neoprene skater skirt || swapped blouse || target watch || hawaiian gold plumeria necklace || piperlime mary jane platforms

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