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*the freaks & geeks of philly comic con 2012*

since this post is really not related to fashion or my personal style (although you do catch glimpses of my outfit that day) & it’s SUPER DUPER PICTURE HEAVY…i’ll do the thing which i never really do by cutting the post with a “read more” break.  that way, if you’re not really interested in the costumed freaks, you’re not inundated by all the tights & capes…hahaha!  if you ARE (you weirdo), then enjoy!

vendors, vendors & more vendors!  stuff to buy, comics to peruse & trade.  whatever you want that’s comic/TV/movie related…you could find it!

if you don’t know that’s the winona ryder bride character from beetlejuice, then i don’t know who you are!  my requisite picture with a stormtrooper.  a batman…a modern day costumed catwoman…and darth maul on a hawaiian vacation.  duh!

a lot of *on point* costumes this year (although there were plenty of sad sacks as well), but really well done classics.  superman, wonder woman, power rangers, cyclops, storm, etc.

zombies…*of course*…always ZOMBIES!  geez louise…they haunt me wherever i go O.O

obscure cartoon characters whom not everyone knows & then again, the “old school” superheroes (or villians) that everyone knows :)

update: the orange & blue character is slade & behind him is killer moth, arch enemies of the teen titans (or characters of the DC universe in general).  geez…needed MDH’s help on that one o.O

yay…since avengers is so far the action movie of the year, hands down, glad to get this group shot!  although, definitely missing black widow, hulk & iron man :(

I LOVED THESE GUYS!  the most brilliant idea for a costume all day!  even though they did classic superman, these twins dressed up as the icon flying man & then his alter ego, clark kent!  genius!  also, i love that they’re so on point with the character.  they were like the hispanic spitting image of christopher reeve…appropriately muscled, got the hair & posture down.  if i ran a costume costume, they would be 1st place!

finally, to round out the long day, another set of twins (sort of) & to finish off the whole avengers theme…girl & boy loki!  boy loki was definitely my favorite.  his costume was awesome…even without the horned helmet.  again, i can’t stress the point enough that if you’re going to dress in costume, you really *should* fit the body type of that character.  for example, i would NEVER cosplay as wonder woman because if you’ve read the comics, she is an amazon…tall, athletic, superbly muscular…not me!  this loki looked exactly like the actor in the avengers movie, so his whole persona for me was perfection!  that’s it!  until next year!

quick disclaimer:  for this post (and all of my iimages really)…if you’d like to use my photos, at least give me credit and/or link back to this post.  if you’re featured in my post & would like original, high res copies, doesn’t hurt to ask right?  it’s just good internet karma ;)

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