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*goodwill boston blogger day 2012 & a 20% off coupon*

i had been having a lot of ups & downs lately (travel & my dog’s surgery) so i was glad to get back into the blogger swing of things with this invitation from my 2 favorite boston bloggers…amy & melissa…at goodwill!  the first part of the night involved shopping at the *huge* goodwill store in downtown boston.  i’ve loved thrifting ever since college, so that certainly wasn’t hard to do!  plus, yukking it up & running around the store with sami of a glimpse of glamour, made it all the more fun :)   

after buying up all our glorious finds, the second part of the evening involved a presentation of what goodwill was all about. the directors, james, JD, christine & patti were really great, super helpful & informative.  we all have goodwills in our towns & cities, right, but how much do we really know what they’re all about…other than where we donate our unwanted stuff?  well, goodwill sells those “unwanted” items & proceeds go to the following:

- jobs skills & readiness programs geared towards people facing barriers to employment, such as disabilities, language issues, etc.

- a career center to help successful graduates of these job training programs connect with employers

- youth programs…everything from after school programs, mentoring & college/career help

the final part of the night was touring the ginormous warehouse where all the donations are processed & sorted to go to the various stores around the boston & surrounding areas.  i have to admit that getting the “behind the scenes” view was quite impressive & inspiring.  the warehouse alone employs about 150 people sorting, organizing, etc.  

all so that bloggers like me can enjoy the fruits of their labor with great finds like this!  here’s the ann taylor loft coat (for $10…no less) that you saw the other day.  i had been inspired by the louis vuitton 2012 spring collection, so added these sweet eyelet pieces to ye ol’ closet as well (all for a total of less than $20)!

so, get to know the goodwill in your town.  as a special treat for those of us who live in MA, here’s a 20% off coupon that goodwill has graciously provided for your next shopping trip!  just print the link & use before may 15th…super easy :)

for more information, go to goodwillmass.org, follow them on twitter or like their facebook page & learn more about this great organization ^_^

**picture of me via amy. the rest via moi ^_^ **

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