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*pink, poufy & polka dotted*

well…it’s official.  when this pink shirt with its poufy shoulders comes out, it’s finally & definitively spring!  hahaha!  actually, i *do* have an official spring shirt (seriously).  i’ll make sure to point it out when i do wear it, which should be fairly soon :)

wearing:  bebe pink shirt || custom made polka dot skirt (bangkok) || beaded multilayer ombre necklace (macys) || michael kors strappy heels

as you can see, i tend to favor platform heels with some sort of strappy detail…either a single mary jane buckle…or several…plus a slight curve to the heel.  hmmm…never seen *that* before.  hahaha!  this was a true power buy when a local macy’s store was closing down & these lovelies were heavily marked down.  michael kors for 30 bucks?  heck yeah!  plus it fits like a perfectly snug dream :)

finally, another macy’s find.  an ombre necklace to go with my semi-ombre hair?  sure, why not?  i love how in certain lights, the beads can range from light pink to darker purple…mostly silver, but with flecks of gold.  might just be my *new* favorite pink necklace to wear with everything ^_^

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