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*merry, merry christmas!*


merry (belated) christmas everyone!  it’s been such a crazy time here with my in-laws in PA that can’t get posts up in a timely manner. oh well, that’s what the holidays do to ya!  we spent christmas day with very old friends of the family who come over every year for christmas dinner, gift giving, funny hat wearing, wine drinking, games playing & good ol’ yankee swapping!  since my MIL & others typically dress up in red, i decided to go green this year & in keeping with the mildly warm weather we’ve been having, why not the versace for h&m palm print leggings as well?  hahaha!  the family has talked about doing christmas maybe one of these years in the caribbean or some other tropical location.  who knows?  maybe i’ll wear these next year in a more appropriate environment :) wherever you are or whoever you’re with, may your holiday season be filled with joy & happiness & full of hope for the upcoming new year ^_^


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