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*snake print, leather & horse hair…oh my!*

i gave y’all a sneak peak of what i wore the other day, but here’s the full outfit :)  as i mentioned, it was holly's birthday & this was the outfit i chose to attend her birthday dinner.

it’s been so abnormally (& blessedly) warm in boston lately, so i got to wear this “cold” shoulder snakeskin print blouse that i’ve been waiting for just such an occasion :)  the cutout shoulder detail i feel is very popular these days, but when i was in asia recently, i noticed a ton of women there (of all ages) sporting the cutout silhouette!  of course, since it was holly’s birthday, what other piece of jewelry would i wear, but her handmade horse hair pendant that i simply adore!  since it still got chilly at night, i counteracted the sheerness of the blouse with this warm flouncy leather skirt.  i can’t believe i found one like this in my most favorite of skirt shapes…pleated & poufy.  most leather skirts are straight or pencil thin.  not my cup of tea.

finally…yet another pair of shoes “influenced” by a popular, high end (i.e. expensive) brand.  i don’t even know how i find these kinds of shoes sometimes.  just lucky…or just that much trolling on the internet, hahaha!  anywho, i wish i had taken pictures of the pre-dinner celebration hanging out on first friday at sowa studios with our other blogger friends & then heading over to myers + chang for dinner & cake.  know what though?  i had a great time laughing with new friends & even newer friends & eating good food that sometimes you have to put the camera down & just enjoy the moments that too quickly pass you by.  whew…that was kinda deep! until next time ^_^

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