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*seeing stars at boston sip & swap 2011*

the *pinnacle* of boston fashion week (in my humble opinion) is always the clothing swap held by my good friends, the swapaholics.  if you don’t already know them in & around boston, then certainly from my blog as i always go whenever they host a swap.  they’ve been doing them for years, the events are always highly organized, supported by all kinds of sponsors & are super fun!  i wanted to wear something easy & not too constricting (you know, in case you have to throw some elbows during the swap…kidding!)…so this star print outfit (very a lá dolce & gabbana fall 2011) that i brought back from bangkok fit the bill nicely. 

tonight’s libations were provided by magners…my favorite cider…& vitacoco.  other boston-based startup companies were in attendance like open runway & spreedia.  to be honest…i wasn’t much on my game tonight.  i was kind of slow & the girls were more aggressive than usual & i was being indecisive…just weirdly wishy-washy.  i usually am delightfully pleased to bring back more items than i swapped, but i didn’t get very much tonight.  i was a little disappointed, but also glad as the purpose of swapping clothes is to help clear out my closet.  it certainly doesn’t help the closet congestion when you bring back even *more* clothes…no matter how new to you…hahaha!  it helped as well that these few items were very nice pieces…definitely more quality than quantity, so i really did do well :)  got 2 lovely poufy sleeved blouses (my favorite sleeve), a snakeskin print dress (very on-trend), a fruit print tunic & a black midi length skirt still new with tag!   

as usual…tons o’ fun with my fellow swapper/blogger friends & even a runway show at the end of the swap to round out the night. plus…hey, lookee who made the boston.com lifestyle/fashion page the next day.  congrats again to amy & melissa, the swapaholics dynamic duo, for showing how boston does fun & fashionable events :)

photo credit: last photo via boston.com

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