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*free lunch with roxy’s grilled cheese & the food network*

ok…final, final rewind post…all the way back to friday morning & finally a full length outfit shot!  so far…i had posed for pictures with a british beauty.  before that, made myriadly-colored messes with marimekko fabric!  so, for the energy to do all that, i had to fuel up properly & by that, i mean grab some grub!

if you remember, back in march, i was finally able to realize one of my long-time obsessions…eating at a food truck in boston!  fast forward several months later & those roxy’s grilled cheese truck guys have become buddies…in that i visit them & get me sandwiches like all the time!  then, again when you go to a food truck for the only the 2nd time (& the 3rd, 4th & 10th times) & those guys already greet you by name, i dunno…makes a girl feel special…hahaha!  anywho, ever hear of these guys?  you *may* or may not have seen them on a little ol’ TV show?  sooooo, when they tweeted that the food network was going to sponsor free lunch for the first 100 of their fans…oh hellz yeah i was there!  roxy’s already has a fairly regular sandwich menu, but also a daily special.  today i ordered the special which was a tallegio cheese & chocolate covered bacon sandwich.  YES, you read that right…chocolate covered bacon!  it was delicious!!! 

you see, i love to dress prettily & pose for pictures, but when it comes to hot & tasty free grilled cheese sangwiches & fries…i’m all food trucks before fashion!!! 

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