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*it’s on…with alexa chung!*

so, boston fashion week has arrived to *cough*…ahem, uh…boston! there’s already been a few activities i’ve had the good fortune to participate in, however i’ll start more recent & work backwards.  first of all, got to meet alexa chung!!! 

ok, hold up…stop! lemme really back up.  friday started off with me doing a lot, but by late afternoon, i was with natalie & melissa of the boston day book. we were off at another BFW-related event which i’ll detail in another post.  madewell on newbury street was holding a meet & greet for alexa chung’s new collection & the beauty herself was going to be there!  i’ll be honest & say i’m not a super crazed, die-hard fan, but i did watch her MTV show fairly regularly before it was dubiously canceled :(  since then though, you’d have to be living under that proverbial rock to not know that alexa has become quite the personality, designer & style icon/it girl/fashion show front row presence these days.  rightfully so, she’s just absolutely beautiful & striking in person.  i’m sure she gets sick of hearing that *all* the time…hahaha!  plus that adorable accent…

so, melissa, natalie & i stood outside (in the pouring rain…booo!) but luckily the line moved quickly & we were inside & on the stairs waiting patiently for our turn to meet alexa.  we were quickly joined by other blogger pals (and regulars on my blog), najeema, marissa & kristen.  when we finally got up to see her, we all kind of briefly chatted & took our photos with her.  halfway through our group, she must have gotten tired as she disappeared for about 10-15 minutes!  guess she had to go potty…or go to the loo.  see, i can speak, um…uh…english! hahaha!  either way, she came back, declared she was tired & plopped down on the couch to finish her conversation with natalie & melissa.  too funny!

after we finished our turn & had to let other girls talk to alexa, we all continued to have fun hanging out…drinking pimm’s/iced tea cocktails which were super delicious & i’ll definitely have to stock my liquor cabinet with pimm’s now! also, apparently (from what the sign said) palm tree nail art is alexa’s newest favorite thing & there was a station set up for free manis!  very exciting as marissa, new blogger pal…NY-based jamillah, kristen & i were the last ones to get our nails quickly & expertly done & yup, i have to agree with alexa.  palm tree art on just your one fingernail is pretty darn cute!

as usual, i always have a super fun time whenever i’m around the boston blogger girls!  it’s great to feel such camaraderie around our universally-shared passion — CLOTHES!  hahaha!  big ups to najeema for taking the pictures of alexa & me.  she has mad photog skills! speaking of skills…what about this last photo?  what’ya think?  not too shabby huh?  don’t all the girls look great!  much improved from the last big group blogger photo i took, wouldn’t you say?  hahaha!  anywho, hope all my boston-based beauties enjoy fashion week just getting started & i’ll report on my other fun times soon ^_^

FYI…that guy in the background isn’t your average, every day photo creeper.  he’s the husband of one of the blogger girls & is actually pretty frikkin’ AWESOME at these fashiony events.  he should come around with us more often…eh natalie???

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