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*DIY spiked barrette*

DIY, spikes, barrette, spike hair, hair accessory, spiked clip

i’ve been pretty obsessed with kelly osbourne since like for-rev-ver.  i think she’s adorable & now with the lavender hair & elevated personal style, i adore her even more.  she’s been sporting these AWESOME spiked hair accessories lately & i decided to DIY a smaller version of my own!

DIY, spikes, barrette, spike hair, hair accessory, spiked clip

i’ve had spikes lying around from previous DIYs, so all i had to do was buy barrettes.  these have a thin enough gap to slide the screws of the spikes up into them & then just tighten the spikes on top of the metal.  easiest DIY ever!  as soon as i can locate the rest of my bag of spikes (i.e. have no idea where they are), i want to make bigger & longer clips, just like the ones kelly have.  until then, these mini ones will do ^_^ 

DIY, spikes, barrette, spike hair, hair accessory, spiked clip


*ice blue & steel grey*

sweater, chunky sweater, sneaker wedges, thakoon target skirt, glitter sneakers

i usually take mondays off since i work at least one weekend day.  unfortunately, it rarely is a true day “off” since i typically have to be all over the place to get errands done.  today’s agenda involved bringing in my car for a service check for our thanksgiving weekend road trip, grocery shopping for turkey day & then a trip to sephora for new makeup.  on this frigid day, i decided to be more comfy & cozy with a huge chunky sweater & sneaker wedges to make all this driving & walking around easier.  only 2 work days for me this week & then, all that thanksgiving EATING!  sooooooo can’t wait ;)

chunky sweater, ice blue, grey

wearing:  express sweater (old) || thakoon for target print skirt (old) || fleece-lined leggings (LF store) || steve madden glitter sneaker wedges

steve madden sneaker wedges, glitter sneaker wedges


*pandas & spikes*

grey, panda sweater, lf store, beret, jeffrey campbell, spike litas, spiked boots

this panda sweater is definitely one of my “go-to” closet staples.  easy & casual, long enough to wear as a mini-dress with leggings & who doesn’t love pandas?  my spiked litas are also another favorite i just can’t let go.  i don’t care how dated they get.  this outfit totally fits my personality so well…cutesy & innocent up front, but all business if you mess with me in the back…hahaha!  happy weekend, ya’ll :)

panda sweater, lf stores

wearing:  panda sweater (LF stores) || phillip lim x target blue tank top || simply vera leggings || F21 beret || jeffrey campbell spiked litas

jeffrey campbell, spike litas, spike heels, spiked boots


*lei ann ON duty ~ boston university kung fu club edition*

boston university kung fu club, kung fu, performance, demonstration, martial arts, wushu

i started my kung fu career back in 1992…ironically, with the boston university kung fu club & not wah lum, although that is most definitely my primary affiliation :)  i’ve been an off & on member through the decades, but more so an assistant instructor the past couple years & enjoy mentoring the up & coming kids.  last week, i was very moved when they asked the filipino students association there at BU if there was any way they could help the victims of typhoon haiyan/yolanda.  since the FSA was throwing a benefit show, they were glad for us to participate!  i tend not to take part in the club’s extracurricular activities, but being filipino & it was a last minute demonstration, so the BUKFC was short on program material, i volunteered to perform as well :)  so, here i am *on duty* in what i wear when i’m not in flouncy dresses & platform heels…hahaha!

boston university kung fu club, kung fu, performance, demonstration, martial arts, wushu


*colorblock & cutout*

colorblock, green, blue, prabal gurung dress, prabal gurung target, cutout, graphic, geometric

i really like the color blocking and graphic geometric patterns on this dress…a slimming & flattering silhouette, yet also feels sporty.  like the athletic-wear version of a dress :)  plus the fabric is stretchy & sorta spanx-like, so again feels really fitted, but not constricting :)  the shoes are also a new *old* favorite & the cut outs sort of mimic the black strips on the dress.  easy way to start off the work week :)

wearing: prabal gurung x target dress || target black blouse || big buckle cutout black suede heels (via dsw

dsw shoes, cutout shoes, black suede shoes, witch buckle shoes


*night out on the town*

black cape dress, all black outfit, tassel necklace, lariat, night out

last saturday, i had a bunch of patients all in a row & my last one was even late >:/  needless to say, i didn’t feel like going out for my friend’s birthday that night, however i was convinced to by my dear husband.  the fact that a limo was coming to pick us up factored a lot into my decision as well…hahaha!  i was very happy with this ensemble that came together fairly quickly…unlike my usual “tear my entire closet apart at the last minute & still not like what i’m wearing” scenario.  at least i know i picked the right shoes:  1) with being driven around via limo, *for sure* i was going to wear some pretty outrageous, feet-aching heels and 2) a drag queen at the show we attended actually kissed my shoes, he loved them so much.  cray-zay!

wearing: thrifted black cape dress || burgundy tassel lariat necklace (via karmaloop) || senso diffusion glitter platforms (via solestruck)

sparkle, glitter platforms, senso diffusion, solestruck


*everyday black shirtdress*

black shirtdress, dress over pants, all black outfit, shirt dress

gonna keep it short & sweet today.  simple, utilitarian, all black outfit today because:

1.  it’s been a crazy hectic week.  i’ve had a cousin in town; busy, busy with clients & i’ve taken on other extracurricular projects

2.  i like a good shirtdress since it’s easy peasy & i can’t deal with tights today, so reviving my much-loved dress over pants look.  all with just a “simple” statement necklace to va-voom up the outfit.

3.  finally, all black since today is the 10-year death anniversary of my grandfather.  i really wanted to make it back to hawaii to visit his grave site & be with family there.  i feel guilty about it, but what can you do?  hopefully, i’ll be able to fly over next year :(

wearing: necessary objects shirtdress || ann taylor pants || the glamourai mixed chains necklace || modern vintage mary jane heels

black shirtdress, glamourai necklace, mixed metals necklace, mixed chains necklace


*fall floral print mixing*

print mixing, black, brown, floral, fall colors, fall floral, thigh high boots, suede boots, jeffrey campbell boots, forever 21 skirt

anyone still watch project runway?  i was so excited when dom streater won this past season for her strong print design skills…if it isn’t obvious by now that i’m a huge fan of mixed prints :)  this particular look really enraptured me…the transition of a color print into black/grey/white while maintaining the same design.  genius!

print mixing, black brown floral, floral print, mixed prints, fall fashion, leaf print

this is my attempt at kind of duplicating that look.  not quite the same & not *that* much color either, but i still love the overall effect :)  to use famous tim gunn speak, i made it work!

wearing: thrifted talbots black/white sweater || F21 brown floral skirt || jeffrey campbell black suede thigh high boots

jeffrey campbell boots, thigh high boots, suede boots, black boots


*ebay & cfda holiday collective*

ebay, cfda, phone charger bracelet, iphone, android phone

i’m as big a tech girl as i am a fashion girl.  in fact, just got the new nexus 5 yesterday :)  even though i’m sure it’s battery will hold up on a daily basis with my heavy smartphone use, i’m used to carrying a phone charger in my purse “just in case.”  invariaby, it gets tangled up with other items in my bag or i switch purses & then don’t have it.  first world problems right?  that’s why i’m looking forward to this ebay cfda collaboration of fashionable phone charger bracelets!  think i’ll get the mara hoffman, rachel zoe & milly ones to always be on my wrist!  i love both fashion & function!


*green with an asian print twist*

green, asian print, floral print, jumper, black and white, witch shoes, schoolgirl look, hm dress

fall here in boston takes on a different meaning for me than most people.  i’m around boston university a lot & just driving around the city, you can’t help but realize that college students are back & in full force (whether to your chagrin or not & mostly wearing their sweatpants & pajama bottoms to class).  

green, asian print, floral print, jumper, black and white, schoolgirl look, hm dress

so, it kind of hearkens me back to *my* schoolgirl days.  i’m a weirdo who actually wished i had a school uniform.  i kind of like that rigidity, order & discipline sometimes.  hence, why as an adult, i favor that look…especially this time of year & since no college student dresses like this…hahaha!

green, asian print, floral print, jumper, black and white, schoolgirl look, hm dress

wearing: h&m green dress || thrifted asian floral print shirt (check out the mad 70’s collar!) || target tights || dsw buckled heels 

witch shoes, black shoes, buckle shoes, dsw shoes

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